Temple students promises to study hard for an opportunity to change their own futures

ក្មេងលោកនៅវត្ត រាជមហាជេតវនារាម ភូមិធំ ជាភូមិដែលមិនអាចភ្លេចបានពុទ្ធសាសនា ដើម្បីបន្តយើងត្រូវតែមានការរួបរួមទាំងអស់គ្នា ក្មេងវត្តទាំងអស់នេះច្រើនជាអ្នកក្រីក្រ ហើយក៏បានមកវត្តដើម្បីបន្តការសិក្សារៀនសួត្រ សព្វថ្ងៃក្មេងនៅវត្តភូមិធំ ជាង ៨០អ្នក
ពួកយើងសន្យាថានិងខំប្រឹងរៀនទាំងអស់គ្នាឱ្យបានសម្រចជោគជ័យ យើងត្រូវតែបស់ជំហ៊ាន បន្តិចម្តងៗ

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Our community's latest development - October 2012, Buddhist School almost complete

Track the Buddhist students' progress, help sponsor their studies. Here is the latest development of their community school.

Thanks to all the contribution of the community and friends the school is progressing along.

Latest Updates, Additional novices introduced to the Sangha

Please stay updated with the latest progress of our community, the temple has recently introduced 20 more novices into the Sangha on May 27, 2012.

បុណ្យបំបួសនាគ នៅវត្តភូមិធំ - Ordaining of Novice Monks

Dear sponsors and supporters:

We would like to share with you these videos from ordaining of young novice monks by Wat Phum Thom pagoda in August 2011.

Buddhist ordaining is a special event for Khmer Krom people, especially for young Khmer Krom boys. Becoming a monk represents a commitment to scholarship, spiritual development, and humble life.

It is also an important event for their families because many indigenous people are poor and cannot afford to send their children to school beyond secondary level.

Becoming ordain as a Buddhist monk provides an alternative to public school where indigenous children may struggle due to language or cultural barrier that results in high drop-out low success rates.

Our Khmer School Progress 2011

I am happy to share with everyone that Wat Phum Thom pagoda has made great progress because of the dedication of our communities and monks. In June of 2011, an additional 15 students will be ordained as monks to introduce and preserve the culture and religion of Dharma. Please see the attached recent photographs of the school progress. It is on the way to completion, and I would like to appeal to all world Buddhists on behalf of Wat Phum Thom pagoda for generous contributions to helping poor children and also helping preserving Theravada form of Buddhism in South Vietnam.

Thank you,
Khmer Krom Children



In memory of our young and beloved student, Dung April 16 2011

With great sadness we remember one of our dearly beloved pagoda pupil, Dung, whose untimely depart of our realm bring us all family, friends, and teachers, great anguish and grief to our hearts.

On the last day of the Cambodian new year, as a rows of temple pupils line up to wave their goodbyes to visiting worshipers from other provinces, Dung collapsed and fell into way of a moving van carrying the departing passengers.

Time and destiny took him away from us, but we shall not forget all the joys, laughters, and memories we share with him.

Dung was a nice, funny, and hardworking student. He was 16 years old, and had been living with our Wat Phum Thom temple several years where he undertook studying in Khmer, Pali, and Vietnamese with other students under the tutelage of our resident monks.

Call For Contributions By Ven. Thach Sathoul of Wat Phum

Call For Contributions By Ven. Thach Sathoul of Wat Phum

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Ladies and gentlemen, please see the attached letter from Ven. Thach Sathol of the Wat Phum Thom Pagoda. I received this letter on behalf of the Ven. to present to other oversea and generous Buddhists for their generous contributions to the development of the temple and completion of the Khmer and Pali language school being built - starting first under the late Ven. Ly Sang. The school is not complete, there are still time to contribute.

Generous donors and Buddhist layperson can make donations to either the construction of the Khmer/Pali school or the fence construction for the temple complex. The fence construction will be designed with traditional Khmer motifs and generous donors and their families can have their names inscribed on the concrete walls of fence.

VOKK aired Khmer Krom situation from Loc Ninh, Binh Phuoc Province

VOKK on December 5th, 2010 did a brief interview with one Khmer Krom monk in our province. To listen to the interview, visit http://vokk.net/?p=2815

Points from the interview are:
1) There are a substantial number of Khmer people who live in this province
2) Khmer Krom from Binh Phuoc have three existing pagodas
3) One temple [our temple] in Loc Ninh district has opened Khmer language classes for Khmer Krom youths
4) Khmer in this province managed to preserved their cultural traditions and celebrations very well

Interview From VOKK, source: VOKK Radio

Results of The Khmer Language Examination At Wat Phum Thom Pagoda

By Don Lam
August 8th, 2010

This week at Wat Phum Thom Pagoda the first test for Khmer language was undertaken by the abbots. The exam tested over 70 students for an accumulated knowledge that took three months of studies. These studies were afforded by the summer break in the national school. That the exam had taken place this week while the return to national school from break is also taking place this week is no coincidence.

Bilingual Education key for Viet Nam’s minorities - UN expert

GENEVA (21 July 2010) – “Most ethnic minority groups remain the poorest of Viet Nam’s poor,” said the UN Independent Expert on minority issues, Gay McDougall, on returning from a ten-day mission to the country to examine the human rights situation of Viet Nam’s numerous minority groups*.

“Persistent problems remain for many of those belonging to Viet Nam’s minority groups, despite a period of economic growth, progress towards the UN Millennium Development Goals and positive results in poverty alleviation and economic development in general,” Ms. McDougall noted.

Khmer-Krom Students Determined To Safeguard Culture

Buddhist Feeds From Circle of Light