Orphanage & Education Center

Khmer-Krom Children Foundation understands the importance of working within existing cultural framework so we partner with existing cultural institutions and local village centers such as Buddhist temples to promote important values of educations, safe development and to empower and instill in young indigenous children, self-confidence and belief that they can make a difference and envision a future for themselves with unlimited possibilities. We can achieve this together by addressing school drop-out rates and help ensure every child in the village can obtain the highest level of education possible both in their native mother-tongue and in mainstream national language.

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Scholarships for Higher Education

Working with communities, generous donors and partners we hope to sponsor and send at least 5 youths per year from rural villages to study in the universities.  At the time when we started promoting the projects in 2006, we were not aware of any indigenous youths from Binh Phuoc province attending a university. Few could even make it through 6th grade due to their financial and family economics.

Secondary factor for this low rate is the language barrier. Many grew up to be fluent in neither their native language (Khmer) or Vietnamese, but by tackling early education and native tongue language at earliest stage, we can help cultivate young people's love for education and build confidence in their abilities.  It takes a village to raise a child, the Khmer-Krom Buddhist centers operate on this idea, so our partnerships with them are a natural fit.

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Local temple engage young people through their culture in the musics and arts
Temples engage young people through their culture in musics & arts

Our Mission


Every child -  boy, girl, rich or poor deserves an education and a future. Our mission is to make this a reality one village at a time focusing on indigenous communities in South Vietnam and the Mekong Delta.

Because of poverty, indigenous children are of particularly high risks of getting into drug abuse and other poor behaviors born out of dire economic circumstances.  To break this cycle the Khmer-Krom Children Foundation hopes to create a network of educators, community leaders, and passionate volunteers and bring them together to help create and foster an environment of love for learning, self-confidence and pride in young people to empower them to take charge of their lives and become productive member of their communities as and the global citizenship in our connected world.

Our literacy focus starts with native (Khmer) language then to national (Vietnamese), and international language(English).  Keeping young people engaged, we will bring in arts, performances and music.

Many indigenous family pushes their children to drop out of school before completing primary level because there is no prospect or future in higher education; to combat this, we will work to create funds to provide scholarship for indigenous students who made it to the university level.

For Khmer-Krom people, young men obtained their cultural education via the temple. Most become ordained monks where they will learn to read and write in their native language.
For Khmer-Krom people, young men obtained their cultural education via the temple. Most become ordained monks where they will learn to read and write in their native language.
Young women received prizes for their achievement in literacy
Young women received prizes for their achievement in literacy

Grassroot Base: Capacity Building, not Dependency Building

As a non-profit organization, we wish to become consulting partner and behind the scene supporters of any community we work with.  We are about driving change in mentality, in building up capacity of indigenous communities, starting  with young people's education.

If you are interested in volunteering or becoming a donor, a sponsor or an institutional partner, contact us at contact@khmerkromchildren.org

How you can help

Whether you are an individual who is passionate about young people's education, a non-profit organization, or an institution, you always have something important to contribute and we welcome and look forward to your partnership.

If you are a student or an individual, you can contribute by teaching English. Our local temples can accommodate your boarding and food for duration of your volunteer abroad with us.

As a non-profit or an institution, we look forward to learning and applying from your group's experiences in youth education, community capacity building, and women empowerment projects. We have the space and centers that welcomes your expertise.

Our interests range from youth education to health & hygiene, to family economics and sustainable agriculture as our target group are mainly poor rural communities, specifically within the minorities and indigenous populations.

If you are interested in becoming a donor, a sponsor, or a partner contact us at contact@khmerkromchildren.org.