The temples will provide a place to stay and food for duration of your volunteer.  This is ideal for international studies students, global and Asian culture students, as well as religious studies students.

Students whose works and studies involved the community & capacity building, sustainable development, and environments  and health will also be a good fit.

Literacy & Community Engagement

The most fundamental ingredient to success is being able to read. We work with local cultural centers to promote literacy in Native language and in mainstream national language. We also hope to provide foreign language lessons to open up the larger world to young people and help adjust them to global citizenship.

We hope to connect with oversea university students in the future who have a passion for social and community work and teaching English.


Music & Arts - Youth Engagement

One way to keep young people engaged is through music and arts. Khmer-Krom Children Foundation is committed to helping preserve and promote indigenous musics and performances to instill pride and self-confidences in youths and provide them an outlet of creativity.